Well, That Week Was Awful for America

As this week has gone from horrifying to simply beyond description, the general sentiment online has turned away from hope and deeply into anger at the bombers, the New York Post, and the consistent back and forth finger-pointing of polarized

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The Equality Meme [Same-Sex Marriage World Map]

Map of where same sex marriages are available world wide

Now, there’s a lot to be said for what’s going on out in the internet, as people are changing their profile pictures to red equality signs to show solidarity with equal rights advocates encouraging the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the

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Wait, there’s a hash tag for this?

As part of the joy of Social, sometimes I take on side projects because I really just want to do work that I love for organizations that could benefit from it. Granted, right now it’s more project than side project,

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Mobile is next, data onlining and total marketing mix modeling are after next

Having spend the last 18 months in Social, I had the opportunity to watch as we (the social marketing vendors) transitioned from offering disparate functions of publishing, social applications, moderation, analytics, listening, and monitoring to broader platforms solutions encompassing these

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Night of the Twitter Ads

It seems you folks get a two-fer today, in light of my checking into the Twitter account to make sure everything was posting correctly out of WordPress after the year of neglect to which I subjected all of you and

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SOTS: I’m back

I just can’t bring myself to leave After Next alone. It’s been a busy year, but let me tell you what it looked like from this end of the screen. In January of 2012, shortly before my previous post, the

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The end of Search

In the rapidly evolving interwebs, Search is aging quickly, and the concentration of power in the market for internet search shows just how old this game has become. The winners have pretty well won, and other players like Bing provide

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The market is falling, the market is falling!

The Stock Market Dropped 500 points yesterday, and now every news channel is screaming that we are going into a great depression and everyone is going to starve to death in the streets.  Generally, I tend not to believe the scary talk

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Sex, Alienation and Technology: A Response to @Robinoula

I read an interesting article from @Robinoula on her blog [find it here], and from what I am seeing she has taken an analogy beyond its functional limit, claiming that technology cannot be neutral in a moral sense because it

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